Mortal Kombat Legacy II: An Exciting Cliffhanger Ending

Date of Release (DVD/Blu – ray): October 14th 2014

Director: Kevin Tancharoen.

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Mortal Kombat Legacy is a superb web series. It’s interesting, unique, it offers a great quality. It’s a lot of action and a great fun. All that blended with magnificent costumes and great effects. It’s almost like a 90 minutes long movie. At least, it gives you that feeling. It consists of 10 minute long episodes. You can watch it online and it’s good that way but be aware that it’s even better on Blu – Ray. Watching it on a big screen HDTV gives you a whole new experience. Kevin Tancharoen did a good job with this web series. Its online success speaks for itself.

Tancharoen’s Legacy continues the story of the original Mortal Kombat film franchise and gives you more. It’s more realistic. There are characters from the game and the movies. There is the original story. It all makes a great and adventurous trip. It’s boat real to the game and real to the movies. Of course, there are supernatural elements but even that parts have a real feel. That’s a great thing about the Legacy.

What Is It About?

Mortal Kombat Legacy showed us the back story and the beginnings. The second series offers a different journey. Mortal Kombat Legacy II is mainly about the fighting. It’s about the tournament itself. It shows us preparing and training for the tournament and the fighting, of course. It’s what we came for. There’s a lot of fast and furious action. The battles are so entertaining! It offers a lot one – on – one fights but it’s not rare to see those one become two – on – one battles. You may be surprised with the number of dialogues and the interesting aspects of the story. It’s not just a pure action. It’s more than that but it’s mixed very well and won’t leave anyone disappointed. Every true Mortal Kombat fan would be satisfied with the Legacy II.

The Cliffhanger

It’s safe to say there will probably be a Legacy III. Actually, we’re pretty certain there’ll be a third series. With the way Legacy II ended it’s more than obvious. We can’t wait to see the new one and how it will be done. We won’t give you spoilers but be sure the ending will leave you hanging and wanting more.

The Only Flaw

It’s not fair to call it a flaw, but if we’re doing a review it should be mentioned. We already said that the episodes are greatly done and they almost look like a 90 minute long movie. But that’s it. They almost look like that. Each of the episodes is a 10 minute long and there’s something missing with them transitioning from one to another. There’s no smooth transition and there should have been. Of course, there is a story and every episode continuous the story from the previous one. But it’s not natural as it should have been. Other than that, Legacy II is a magnificent experience.

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