The Best Mobile Fighting Games to Play in 2017!


 When it comes to consoles, the market is generally rich with fighting games. There are all kinds of different brawlers. From 2-D anime fighters with special attacks and weapons to 3-D fighting games that tend to stick to their two-dimensional mechanics. Games like Street Fighter, The King of Fighters and Mortal Kombat have seen more than a couple of releases over the past couple of years. 

The computers are no exception either either. Steam has numerous brawling games as well. Mortal Kombat has been present on computers for what seems to be forever now. Street Fighter and other similar anime fighting games are not strangers either. Recently, we’ve even got a first ever in history Tekken game release for Steam! Together with Dead or Alive they enrich the 3-D fighting games library of this platform. 

This is absolutely great news and it is good to know that fighting games are not only remaining popular but that they are expanding as well! But, this is only the case for computers and consoles. Undoubtedly, many of you would ask “what else is there besides these two.
If you were to ask this question a couple of fears back, pretty much no one would realize what you are aiming at. 


The mobile gaming of course. Although not as big as its competitors, mobile gaming is the fastest growing platform ever. Yes, the majority of the games they are meant for children and casual players, but let us not exclude the possibilities the platform just because of its targeted demographics. Over the years, mobile gaming has seen some pretty cool fighting games. If you are a fan of these kinds of games, let’s introduce you to some of the best mobile fighting games to play in 2017! 



Shadow Fight 2 

Most websites like to do the countdown thing from worst to best title when they are talking about games. Although it could be interesting to do things that way, it’s not going to be the case here. Shadow Fight 2 is not the first on the list because it’s the worst game. Quite the contrary, this is probably the one that I personally find to be the most interesting. 

If you are the type of player to prefer situational combos over pure aggression, this is the game for you. I would even say that it’s similar to Tekken games with the way it handles moves. 

In Shadow Fight 2 you are to use a specific move from the long list of available moves at a specific time if you are to hit and damage your opponent. Depending on your stance, position and the direction that you are facing/moving, your attacks will be different. 

The game has a lot of moves to learn, upgrades to unlock and generally a lot of character progress and customization to offer you. The only problem with this game is that it will not allow you to play it for as long as you want. It is a free to play game and these games like to do this. 

If you really like the game, you can always spend some money on energy or, if you can’t afford such a tansaction, use the online generator for free energy as well as for other free resources and keep playing for as long as you like! 




Injustrice 2 

The mobile version of this game is truly something else. Unlike the first one (which was rather good as it was), the second installment tries to distinguish characters from one another. Although the first game was good and everything, it was most definitely lacking. The characters felt to similar and alike to one another. 

With the introduction of customization, weapons and armor, all of this is about the change. Injustice  2 not only plays good but also looks amazing. It is rather easy to get into and does a good job of introducing the player to the games simple but enjoyable mechanics.
Compared to the previous game, this one would be a more casual pick focusing primarily on fancy visuals and flashy combos rather than gameplay depth and complexity. 

Still, a very good game and a very good choice for everyone looking to pass some time on their tablet or phone. Oh and, if you’re torn between this game and similar titles like Mortal Kombat X, I would suggest you go for this one instead. Compared to it, other similar games feel like prototypes. 




Street Fighter 4 

What would a fighting games list be without some Street Fighter? Incomplete probably. 

Street fighter is pretty much the one game that everyone had played at some point in their life. It was widespread on arcade, it made its way to consoles and it was made for computers and Steam a long time ago. It’s no wonder that we’ve got this game on phones and tablets as well. 

Street Fighter 4 can be played on Android as well as iOS powered phones and tablets. The tricky part is getting the app. You might have to do some research or look for on external download source since CAPCOM made it particularly tricky to get this game. Almost like they didn’t want it to sell for some reason… 

On top of that, is easy to download copies and even emulate old Street Fighter games which are just as good as new ones. This is one of the fighting game series that hasn’t really changed much other than in its appearance. If you are a nostalgic kind, you can easily find Street Fighter 2 and similar games from its era available for Android and iphones. 



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